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January 27: Starlings on Otmoor

Ah, thank you, Irony. I forgot how you tap me on the shoulder as I come home basking in the warm glow of a movie that’s all about letting go.

Sometime between the end of high school and my first year at New Paltz, I took the time to create a backgammon/chess board out of plastic canvas. I was, at the time, quite a fan, because it never warped and was a snap to work with. And I was addicted to backgammon in my first year at New Paltz, so this board got a LOT of play time. It used to have an acrylic base that went with it as support, and somewhere along the line I lost one of the pips, but I still had the board, 30 years after that first year there.

Sadly, no amount of plastic can stand up to my baseboard heaters.

I just found the board, which fell off the shelves in this morning’s manic shuffle of puzzles and games from shelf to shelf, leaning on the heater behind my sideboard.

Or, rather, what’s left of it, as one whole section of backgammon board has melted into a permanent chaise lounge shape completely unsuitable for playing backgammon.

Curse you, oh, Irony. I knew I had too many backgammon boards. Did you have to take this one? Really? Feh.

Well, fine. I defy you, Irony.

I intended to post this as an end to Animal week and the start to Awesome Nature week. So here we go. Natural beauty. Enjoy.

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