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May 21: Marina Abramović e Ulay ~ MoMA 2010

Art comes in many forms. So does emotion. This transcends both.

(In the comments are Arrisa Robinson‘s explanation of the moment caught on video:

“For the people who don’t understand:

Marina and Ulay (that man) were together in the 70’s. Pretty much a beautiful romance they had. So they broke up…and in 2010 he shows up to her performance. Now this wasn’t the first time she saw him that day. He stopped by earlier. She just didn’t know he was gonna sit down with her.

I love this video. It’s just so overwhelming. It’s like all those memories just come rushing back to her and…ugh just so much to say or describe.”)

There is a full-length movie based on this event, called “The Artist Is Present” (see Netflix Streaming, I believe).

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