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October 27: Dumb Ways to Die (times four)

It’s not my fault.


It started innocently enough, when a young friend of mine suggested I *had* to watch this awesome clip. Yes, yes, I know. That’s how it always starts.

First one’s free and all that.

Obviously, it had to go with the Halloween Count-down, but when I went to find the link to add to my list, curse YouTube for including all those “related video” suggestions, because I would never have found the others. Well, except for the last, because the same young friend pointed it out to me as awesome. And you know what? It is!

Besides, now that you’ve got the earworm, you know where to go to get rid of it again.

You’re welcome. It was nothing. Really.


And because it *is* all about movies, after all…

Or maybe Minecraft…

And this is the one said young friend thought was so very awesome. Frankly, I agree.

Four more days left…

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