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November 14: Jim Croce ~ Time in a Bottle (1973)

Shifting from folk music to…um…folksy classic rock/pop? Seriously. How do you define Jim Croce’s music?

Time in a Bottle is sentimental, timeless, and a sad reminder of how ironic an artist’s life can be. It’s one of my most favorite waltzes ever. I just wish it wasn’t so very, very true to the mark.

Croce was just 30 when his plane went down, on September 20th, forty years ago this year. In all the anniversaries and reminders I’ve heard about 2013, this one somehow managed to escape my attention.

Until now.

But just listen to the song. Yeah, it’s from 1973, just as Jim was hitting his stride. Imagine what he’d have done with that 40 years if he hadn’t gone down in a crash described totally as “pilot error.”

I’m still looking for that one I want to go through time with. Once upon a time, I thought I had him, but I was very wrong.

Maybe some day…


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