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November 22: Novis Nerdfest – Sci-Fi Medley

There are other things to remember about the 22nd of November. The 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination is chief among them. But in the middle of the ongoing conspiracy theories and cute photos of cats, a full third of my friends’ walls are filled with posts shouting from the virtual treetops about the Dr. Who special that’s airing on the 23rd (and in select movie theaters around the country).

So, I’m switching up from dance to Science (Fiction) ahead of the pack. Enjoy the a capella geekery and try to consider what this world might be with a lot less hate and greed and a lot more willingness to see science for the awesome and amazing craft it is.

Starting tomorrow, leading up to the coming week’s activities, we take a visit to Vi Hart’s view of math.

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