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A Whole New Year and Life in a Minor Key

And so the first 365 days came and went, and we are back to the beginning. Not an end to this blog, but rather a transition, for something resembling easier maintenance.

I’m drawn to the offbeat and out of mainstream, even though many of these selections are viral (over 1 million hits). And I adore music in the minor key, especially with a driving rhythm. So, with the new year comes a slight change in the blog name. Same concept, slightly different delivery method.

We start 2014 on a Wednesday, but here’s the traditional line-up, in playlists. No links yet (that would be telling). You’ll have to wait till the end of the year this time.

  • History Monday: Wherein we highlight the best of History in the Internet;
  • Twofer Tuesday: Because some musicians (and other artists) deserve two clips for the price of one;
  • Dancing Wednesday: Why just sing when you can dance your way through life?
  • Throwback Thursday: The best of the ’80s and before, because that’s really what this world is all about – reliving the past – over and over and over…
  • Feel Good Friday: The place to find cute kittens, flash mobs and more;
  • Science (and Math) Saturday: Highlighting Vi Hart, Smarter Every Day, Earth Unplugged and more; and,
  • Spiritual Sunday: Anything that seems to fit the bill in exploring our purpose and how we can be excellent to one another.

Hope you’re sticking around. We’re just getting started! And by “we” I mean you and I. Because that’s what this blog’s all about. Me, sharing with you.

Thanks for watching!