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Welcome to An Other Video Blog!

If you subscribed to the original blog, retitled Life in a Minor Key ( after the end of the first 365 days, you’re welcome to follow this blog instead!

Wait! Why An Other Video Blog?

Because unlike most video blogs, this one is compiled almost exclusively of other people’s videos. And because of the ephemeral nature of YouTube, those links occasionally disappear, so it seemed like the right thing to do to refresh EVERYTHING I posted three years ago.

As of today, some 452 posts later, all the video links work, though some of them aren’t the originals. AND the site’s now got its own domain name.

School’s over, Graphic Communication degree acquired at the end of May, 2016. Now that everything’s up to date, I’m moving forward, though likely more on an occasional basis than every day.

Hope you’ll continue following these posts. You’ve been awesome so far.


–Betsy Marks Delaney