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Category: 06-June

June 30: Jon Cozart ~ ME ME ME

Okay, so I can call it.

Jon, now 21, is in film school in Austin. I predict awesome things for his future. Here’s his channel, if you want to keep up to date with his work as he progresses:

Wrapping up Jon Cozart Week conveniently on Sunday. We start a whole new theme come Monday morning, with the beginning of the second half of this project. Happy Sunday!

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June 23: GLEE Audition / Duet With Myself ~ EX GIRLFRIENDS SUCK

Meet Jon Cozart (aka Paint).

When you look up Chutzpah in the dictionary (no, not Wikipedia, because they’re lame! Also Wikipedia…), you should see this guy’s face. Terrific song writing and mad video editing skilz all at the same time. He’s been at this for a while now.

This is what YouTube is for: Highlighting the abilities of people the rest of the world hasn’t had the time or attention to learn about…yet. I hope this stuff leads to something awesome for him. Spending the week highlighting Jon’s work. Enjoy!

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June 22: Two Awesome Dancing Kids

I originally selected a different clip for Cute Overload week, but I thought about it and decided that while the fur coat clip is fascinating, I’ve got issues with the use of animals in circus acts, no matter how well treated they might be. Interestingly, I could have the same issues with these two kids, but I don’t. And they are fabulous to watch. Plus it makes for a nice segue into next week’s highlighted performances.

So here they are, and have a great Saturday!

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June 16 (Father’s Day): Bill Cosby ~ Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

I’m not a big fan of revisions, especially since there are plenty of things that look different in context, but I’m having a very hard time negotiating the minefield that is Bill Cosby’s career, reconciling it with what we know now and what is still pending in the courts.

The original video is down, and I’m not going to replace it until after I know the outcome of the lawsuits. You’re welcome to find “Bill Cosby: Himself” (which is where this routine derived).

Sexual exploitation and lawsuits that allege same have existed since the first silent era films. Go look up Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle if you don’t know what I mean.

It’s sad, too, since this routine is one of the funniest in Cosby’s career.

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June 15: Buzz Aldrin and Thomas Dolby Perform “She Blinded Me With Science”

Seriously. Thomas Dolby AND Buzz Aldrin. Yes, that’s THE Buzz Aldrin. Science, indeed! Making due with awesome, because it’s Thomas Dolby.  (Moving on to a new theme tomorrow…)

And, because I found a replacement live version before the Buzz Aldrin version hit, here’s the one I was going to publish instead of the original video. (NOTE: The original video, which you should see because it’s full of mad scientists, is not available in the US thanks to EMI’s stranglehold on YouTube, but parts of it are included in this live version which I think is slightly more interesting – Mr. Dolby’s a one-man music shop!

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June 12: Thomas Dolby ~ Airwaves

Thomas Dolby was one of the few who took serious advantage of the medium of music video to create something as visually interesting as it sounded. The Flat Earth follow-up to Golden Age of Wireless has a completely different sound, more mellow but a fresher fusion of New Wave and Jazz. At least, for some of the tracks…

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