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January 23: Art of Noise ~ Close (To the Edit): Versions 1 and 2

Released on May 1, 1984, this wild performance art piece directed by Zbigniew Rybczyński sums up the surreal aspects of music video. From the Wikipedia entry for the song, there’s this:

“I thought it was a fun video,” Anne Dudley said, “but some people thought it was unnecessarily violent. It was banned in New Zealand as encouraging violence towards children. Nothing could have been further from our minds.” The video later won the MTV Video Music Awards for Most Experimental Video and the Best Editing in 1985.

I love the song and the artistry of the video, so it made the cut early on. It’s one of the videos I used to wait for on MTV, back when it was still about music and not reality junk.

I didn’t realize until I started creating my Music Video playlist that there was a second version of this video, but there was. And here it is. (Actually, there are three, but I like these two the best.)

No, it doesn’t make any more sense than the first version, but that’s okay, because ART.

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Don’t hate me for the earworm I’m gifting you.

Watch Max Headroom get down with his bad self.


You don’t know who Max Headroom is?


Max Headroom – 20 Minutes Into the Future (the original, much better, Brit movie). Wish I could embed it, but it’s disabled on YouTube.

No, don’t thank me. It’s nothing.

Official version:

Extended version: (Ephemeral – might disappear again!)

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