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Tag: Cats

January 3: You Shall Not Pass, Dog

It’s the triumph of Canine over Feline (most of the time). And if you don’t swallow the drink, don’t blame me later. Feel Good Friday starts here.

“Uh oh, uh oh. Fluffy…”

Says it all, really. Seriously. Almost 11 million hits since December 5th (less than a month ago). Yep! Them things is pointy!

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August 11: Oskar the Blind Kitten and His First Toys

We segue from Wacky Animals to not so wacky film. I caught this touching dip on YouTube fairly early on. Oskar is no longer a kitten, but you can see from this clip that even without eyes, he’s as kittenish as the rest. And his owner is pretty special, in my opinion. Special moments, caught on video…

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August 6: Sad Cat Diary

Viral video, near 10,000,000 hits. Deadpan description of the hard life these cats have. I swear. If you haven’t see it yet, swallow the drink first. I hurt myself laughing the first time.

Wacky Animal Week continues…

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August 5: An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

I don’t recall how this got onto my Favorites list, but there it was, begging to be included with this week’s Wacky Animals Week. Not that the cats are particularly wacky, mind, but the concept that an engineer can devise a guide to cats just floats my boat.

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