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January 13: Tax the Rich: An animated fairy tale

Originally posted on December 5, 2012, this short video hasn’t gotten nearly enough air time, and I think it’s important enough that I’m gong to share it under History. Today’s history lesson comes from Fred Glass for the California Federation of Teachers, narrated by Ed Asner (of Lou Grant and Mary Tyler Moore Show fame, among others).

The perils of a tax-free society have made the rounds recently, as the Tea Party fights harder than ever for deregulation and tries to shelter ever increasing amounts of funding from social programs. The cost is already profound, but it’s going to get a lot worse if we don’t find  way to loosen the grip of Corporate America.

Sorry – in a soapbox-y mood this week!

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May 28: Hexaflexagons (for Craig)

If you’ve checked the blog today, I posted something earlier, but I’ve had second thoughts and I’m moving it to tomorrow.

Today’s post is in honor of Craig Levin, gone far too soon, who would really have grooved on this awesome use of MATH. I’m so sorry you missed these, Craig, though I suspect you already knew about them…


and MORE Hexaflexagons (2):

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