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January 21: Kate Bush and Noel Fielding ~ “Wuthering Heights”

Okay, so technically this isn’t a Twofer Tuesday in the traditional (?) sense, but it’s my blog and I can do what I want.

Back when Saturday Night Live was a new thing, they featured Kate Bush doing both Wuthering Heights and another song from The Kick Inside. The first version is the one I remember from that introduction to her music. (I have all her albums and I’ve snagged more of her videos for featuring this year.)

So when someone started circulating the parody Noel Fielding did for Comic Relief, I was surprised to discover the second version of the music video was also on YouTube, and darned if he wasn’t dead-on accurate.

Here’s Kate’s version (Number Two):

And here’s Noel’s. I’d put the coffee mug down if I were you:

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November 26: Rowan Atkinson & Kate Bush ~ Do Bears…

Okay, folks. Buckle your seatbelts again. Turbulence in store for the next few days as we drift all too quickly toward the Holiday Season ™.

From here until the end of November, we’re in unpredictable territory.

Unpredictable. As in Rowan Atkinson as a lounge singer, singing with…Kate Bush?!?

Found this while collecting items for my Kate Bush week, a while back. The only predictable thing about this week’s going to be the unpredictability of this week.

Didn’t expect that, did you? Well, of course, no one expects…

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June 2: Kate Bush ~ Cloudbusting

Sliding into June and forgetting the silliness of the past few days, we move on to some of the best in thematic music video from the golden age, back when “that network” still showed music.

We start with Kate Bush, whose 1985 album Hounds of Love has always fascinated me. The whole second side is one connected artwork, and among my absolute favorites.

This short film includes Donald Sutherland in a featured role, and was written and produced by Kate Bush. Stunning visuals and an amazing story in just under seven minutes.

At some later date, I’ll feature more from Kate Bush…

Bonus! Two video clips with an interview with Kate on making Cloudbusting!


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