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November 8, 2016: Election Day

When I launched this blog, I originally highlighted a brilliant tip of the hat to Lady Gaga.

This year, with Hillary Clinton so very close to winning her place in the Oval Office and making history, I recall this earlier expression of history. It’s what I think of when I cast my vote, which I did last week during early voting in my state.

Polls are already open in the east. They close at different times during the day, but if you are already in line, STAY THERE. You have a right to vote, no matter when the polls close.

And (as if this is necessary): There is no such thing as online voting. It’s a scam. Don’t fall for it!

See you on the right side of history tomorrow!


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May 9: 5th grade boys Synchronized Air Swimming Talent Show Skit W A Porter Elementary

It’s Feel Good Friday, and just like that, I’m back.

Really, though, this is an attempt at feeling better, knowing that there’s a whole lot of awful stuff going around today, especially in my personal Facebook feed.

It’s hard to think of a reason to smile, which is why these posts exist. Thanks for sticking around – classes are just about over for me and I’ll probably include a couple of my own pieces in the coming weeks, when I think about it.

Ephemeral as it is, YouTube has a wealth of information. This video’s making the rounds, but there’s only one original and it belongs to Margaret Hutto. (Hint: It’s the link below.) Accept no substitutions.

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January 12: Emotional baby! Too cute! (now with Ellen DeGeneres appearance)!

Two things struck me the first time I watched this video. The first was how expressive this 10-month old’s face is. Then I got to wondering at how intensely she’s concentrating on her mother’s voice and expressions. She is so moved by the song and delivery that she’s crying. I think it’s all about the connections we make with each other.

We don’t give our children nearly enough credit for their connections to us. Spiritual Sunday is about exploring that sense of wonder and humor and the special spark that we carry. With over 29 million hits, I think this baby girl has struck a chord.

But wait! There’s more!

The whole family appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show shortly after the original video aired. Here’s that link, too!

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January 8: Baby [Cory] Dancing to Beyonce

Yes, folks, YouTube can be serious thugs when they want to be.

This is not the original 4 million hit viral video posted by Cory’s family, but then, that’s because we can’t see the original here in the US. So I’m offering this substitute instead. Catch it before YouTube takes it down again.

If this 20-month old can get his grove on, what’s stopping you?

(Oh and? Swallow the drink if you’re one of the five people on my feed who hasn’t seen the video yet. The bouncing is nothing compared to his leg moves. Seriously.)

Next week (maybe) we’ll get into some Baryshnikov moves, but hey! They all have to start somewhere, right?

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