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September 7: Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers ~ Jubilation Day [OFFICIAL]


The strangest music video I’ve seen in a long time. And I will point out I’ve been a fan of the music video genre since Saturday Night Special became Friday Night Videos and MTV still played music.

And so, we leave Steve Martin (at least, for the moment), and move on tomorrow to a totally different kind of performance art.

Happy Saturday, all!

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September 6: Steve Martin ~ Atheist Song – First hymnal for Atheists

Oh, how much I love this.

Okay, so since Steve Martin has given up stand up comedy (for the most part), he’s moved on to music. With banjo. And if there’s any doubt as to his musical skills, check tomorrow’s video for an end to that discussion.

By the way, the Steep Canyon Rangers are playing at the Birchmere later tonight. This is a tip of the hat to them and a note that I have a ticket available for the concert if you want to ping me.  (It’s not free, unfortunately, but it’s reasonably priced.) No, sadly, Steve won’t be there. He’s playing Calgary tonight with Martin Short. Oh, how I wish I could get there from here…

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