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June 15: Buzz Aldrin and Thomas Dolby Perform “She Blinded Me With Science”

Seriously. Thomas Dolby AND Buzz Aldrin. Yes, that’s THE Buzz Aldrin. Science, indeed! Making due with awesome, because it’s Thomas Dolby.  (Moving on to a new theme tomorrow…)

And, because I found a replacement live version before the Buzz Aldrin version hit, here’s the one I was going to publish instead of the original video. (NOTE: The original video, which you should see because it’s full of mad scientists, is not available in the US thanks to EMI’s stranglehold on YouTube, but parts of it are included in this live version which I think is slightly more interesting – Mr. Dolby’s a one-man music shop!

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June 12: Thomas Dolby ~ Airwaves

Thomas Dolby was one of the few who took serious advantage of the medium of music video to create something as visually interesting as it sounded. The Flat Earth follow-up to Golden Age of Wireless has a completely different sound, more mellow but a fresher fusion of New Wave and Jazz. At least, for some of the tracks…

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June 9: Thomas Dolby ~ Radio Silence

We end the week of Thematic Video by including Thomas Dolby. But not just one video. We segue into Thomas Dolby Week, starting with Radio Silence.

The Golden Age of Wireless included a bunch of hits. So did Flat Earth. Music and Science. Two great things that go great together.

(Note – watch for the glitch in the middle of the video. No idea why it’s there, but it’s a bit loud and staticky, so don’t blast this.)

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