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Tag: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

December 13 (12 Days to Go): Trans-Siberian Orchestra ~ Christmas Eve in Sarajevo (2007) and Chicago’s Magical Piano

Second of two NeverEnoughLights videos coupled with TSO’s fabulous music.

Someday I will see them live in concert. I hope. Also not the first time you’ll hear God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen, since it’s one of my absolute favorites.

At any rate, we’re almost halfway through the month. Christmas Day brings a special 12-track playlist, so you know that’s coming soon, too!

But wait! This just in!

(Watch a video go viral…)

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December 8 (17 Days to Go): Trans-Siberian Orchestra ~ Wizards Of Winter (2010)

Normally I’m not a gaudy light fan, but these transcend gaudy straight into the WOW!

This is the first of two videos with dancing house lights, courtesy of Never Enough Lights (

How’d they do it? They say on the post: “75000 Christmas lights synchronized to Wizards Of Winter utilizing 192 Light-O-Rama channels.” All the info is on their website, which covers the last seven years.

Light-O-Rama is the most awesome light sequencer I’ve ever seen. Let’s hear it for obsessive technology in the service if entertainment, and all for nothing but the chance to make folks smile.

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