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November 25: Vi Hart ~ Twelve Tones

Last Vi Hart video for the year, and it’s a real winner. Half an hour investment, but oh, so worth it.

It’s not enough to be smart – you have to know how to share what you understand, and she’s got it. The magic clue that helps make all the complex stuff make sense.

Starting tomorrow (or later today, depending on when you see this), we countdown towards the Advent Calendar and December’s winter highlights. Folks to the north of me are getting hammered. Hope you’ve got some internet. Why not go catch up on some of this blog’s past winners? Click on the archive and pick a day or a month.

See you tomorrow with possibly the silliest musical piece I’ve encountered in this process.

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November 23: Doodling in Math Class: Connecting Dots

I caught Vi Hart’s Hexaflexagons a while back and wanted to post more of her awesome math/science stuff, but then other stuff got in the way and the links just sat in my queue. Until today.

Vi Hart is an exceptionally talented scientist, completely capable of reducing complex mathematical concepts into bite-sized, easily digestible chunks of absolute awesome. She has a whole channel on YouTube and I strongly suggest you subscribe to it like I have.

Meanwhile, here are some more of her gems to carry us through to Thanksgiving. (Ignore the weird title still. The link works just fine!)

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