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Tag: Wedding

November 17: Greatest Father Daughter Dance Medley Ever!

Oh, if only my Dad could have danced like this guy.

Seriously. I’m surprised this only has 6.8 million hits. It should have a whole lot more!

We all think of dancing at a wedding as a ritual, a celebration. This is celebrating all right – listen to the guest howl in approval.

Enjoy the week. More to come as Dance Week continues…

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November 16: JK Wedding Entrance Dance

There are viral videos, and then there’s this.

In just four years and some change, this video has amassed nearly 83 million hits.

That’s just amazing.

It’s easy to see why. These folks aren’t pros. They are out there to have fun and celebrate with their friends and family.

If you have to walk down the aisle on your own, what better way to celebrate?

I’m dedicating the coming week to dancing, wedding, pro or otherwise.


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