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January 31: Diet Coke + Mentos

Yes, Mentos DO have this effect. We did an experiment here and it was pretty impressive. Works much better with warm soda, though…

And this brings me to the end of another broadcast day. I’m transcribing my own history timeline in Excel, so I can keep track of important dates and what happened when. Tomorrow, in class, I’ll be able to expand on the things I’ve put in there, based on what the prof. says. At least this way I should be able to track his random access memory. (And boy, was it random yesterday). Book’s dense, but I’m trying to chunk it out.

Saturday I get to put together a preliminary art bin. My X-Acto knives will finally get the workout they deserve. Then, PIRATE FEAST!

Sunday’s busy with services, a birthday visit to friends and eventually a reset for the week to come.


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