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Well, technically, more than halfway, since I already have the Advent Calendar laid out and ready to post for December, but since we still have some time…

This project is giving me the opportunity to explore all sorts of audio and visual arts, and to share what I’ve discovered. I’m glad I started in December, last year, because I think sharing is important. We live in a distributed society. When my parents grew up, close to their families in Brooklyn, NY, there was no way of knowing that we’d all scatter to the edges of our country and beyond its borders.

We assume growing up that those who are close to us as children will be close to us as adults. For decades after I graduated from high school, I was out of touch not just with friends and family but with the things we shared, whether daily or in other ways.

I’ve never been much of a correspondent when it comes to letter-writing. Focusing on individual day-to-day communication has just always been hard for me and my handwriting is really terrible unless I take time to make it readable, but if I take the time to make it that way, I often lose track of my purpose for writing.

Access to computers has changed my ability to write, but not everyone has access to (or cares about) the Internet or maintaining a presence. So sometimes I feel more connected to folks that is really true, and sometimes I know the connections have lapsed because my chosen method doesn’t match others’ preferences.

This project helps as a sort of passive “Here’s what I’m thinking about today” sort of thing.

It also helps lay out, for folks who care to notice, where my interests lie. I have had hopes that the posts would generate discussion or at least sharing, and I see that they have, in a limited sort of way. I’m okay with that. There’s no telling how long this testament to the power of YouTube and WordPress will remain available. I think the Wayback Machine stopped collecting web pages a very long time ago. I’m sure the NSA is entertained by these randomly connected posts, and that some of the folks who have liked this blog so far are also entertained (or maybe appalled) by the clips within. Only once so far have I pulled an item I thought might be in poor taste, mainly because I found it entertaining until I thought about the ramifications.

I enjoy sharing these things with the world. I can’t host the big parties I used to, but this is a way to reach out to folks. I don’t get a personal benefit from the posting, other than a smile when I see someone has liked what I posted and maybe shared it with someone else.  We’ve got six more months to go. Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride so far.

And on with the show…

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