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August 23: Sonny & Cher ~ “Silly Love Songs” + Shields & Yarnell skit

According to comments, this clip is from the start of the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour’s second season. The episode originally aired September 26, 1976. The opening song is dripping with post-divorce irony.

But it’s not the former singing duo’s relationship that caught my attention. I’m rolling up to classic comedy again, with a whole week devoted to Carol Burnett and her crazy crew of regulars, and this seems to be a decent transition piece (not because it’s Carol Burnett, but because there were other variety shows on air and this was one of the ones I watched.)

If you want to skip the song, jump to 2:16 on the video.

I may have mentioned that I spent a lot of time watching TV when I was a kid. Shields and Yarnell were an off-beat mime team. Their characters, The Clinkers, became something like regulars on the show (for certain levels of “regular”), and I loved to watch them. This episode predates their own variety show, which aired in 1977.

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