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August 28: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ~ I Have a Dream

We interrupt the highlights of comedy to bring you something deadly serious.

1963 was important to me (aside from being my birth year) because the year represented a major turning point in our path to modern history. The March on Washington was of such significant historical importance that no matter which version you meant, Wikipedia redirects you to here;

I ¬†believe it’s true. All the other marches on Washington pale in comparison to this massive, human show of support for a movement that was over 200 years in the making. Dr. King’s speech that summer day marked a milestone on the path to freedom and equality for everyone in this country.

Whenever you look up the term Equal Opportunity, you will find the concept inextricably linked with the speech Dr. King gave at 3pm in front of the Lincoln Memorial that day. There were other speakers, there was music, and there were hundreds of thousands of people, but none of the activities struck more of a chord than what Dr. King had to say that day.

We have come very far since then, but we have a long, long way to go before we truly can say that everyone is equal in this country and that all are treated fairly and with respect.

This version, with far fewer hits (and likely fewer problems with viewing), has Close Captioning for the hearing impaired.

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