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September 10: MUMMENSCHANZ 2

You can sort of understand the magic of MUMMENSCHANZ when you see the performances on a small screen, but they don’t convey the audience participation. I’ve seen Blue Man Group live and they also include the audience, but their performances are far louder and much less subtle. Still, they and Pilobolus¬†are the only groups I can think of who come close.

So what’s the appeal?

By taking inanimate objects or unfamiliar abstract shapes and breathing life into them, they manage to convey human emotions without words. You don’t need words to understand sadness, joy, pride or confusion.

I wish I could find part 1 of this series. You haven’t missed it – it’s not on YouTube.

Note that I’ll be interrupting the stream tomorrow, because of Patriot Day, but there are two more parts after the 11th, and all three are equally long (around 15 minutes per segment).

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