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October 1: Tribbles Bridge Scene Comparison HD

Considering how closely I’m following David Gerrold on Facebook right now (he’s writing what I’m thinking about politics), this seems totally appropriate.

We’re at the start of the new month. We’re also at a crossroads with our society. What worked about Star Trek, and what kept the fans coming back long after the original series was canceled, was the absolute optimism expressed in Gene Roddenberry’s groundbreaking series.

I’d love to think we can’t get any lower down in our current political situation. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that someday we might again reach for the stars? Imagine how much we could accomplish with people who are clothed, fed, educated and encouraged to explore, rather than being beaten down over time, struggling to cover expenses or even stay in their homes because a greedy few can’t be bothered to care.

The US Government has shut down for the first time since 1996. Perhaps this time we’ll learn something.

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