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October 12: Hamlet – Summary & Analysis by Thug Notes (and) Dr Seuss VS Shakespeare. Epic Rap Battles of History #12

Think you know Hamlet? You’ve never seen it like this.

Cliff Notes for the modern generation? The contemporary connection? Masterpiece Theater.

Tag line? “Classical Literature. Original Gangster.”

Yeah! Thug Notes brings the classics to you with a vernacular spin that could make you seriously dizzy or leave you gasping for air.

Got one more day to go on Shakespeare Week. Putting in a special plug for a whole series (which doesn’t fit the One Day/One Video format of this Blog, but if you haven’t already put it on your Must Watch List, do it.

Slings and Arrows – another view of Hamlet (and the Scottish Play, and King Lear).

Trust me. You need to see the show. Especially if you’re a theatre geek (like I am).

And because I still have one more that wouldn’t fit into the week. Kind of puts the “Gangster” in a whole new perspective…

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