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November 5: Bad Romance: Women’s Suffrage


According to SOOMO VIDEO’s website, the original video was removed because of a monetizing dispute with SONY/ATV.


The link below is NOT the original. In theory, the original could come back, once the suit is settled, but that may take a while. Don’t bet on the link staying active. My apologies if you try and fail. Comment and I’ll see if I can find a suitable replacement. Sorry about that! –BMD]


We interrupt this week’s Science geekery to remind you that today is Election Day.

You might be selecting local representatives.

You might be deciding the fate of hundreds of thousands of women by choosing a governor. (I’m looking at you, Virginia.)

I won’t stop reminding you that we didn’t always have the luxury of choosing whether or not to vote.

For many of us (women, non-whites, the poor) that right was only accorded by men who eventually granted us the right we should have received by virtue of birth in this country.

In my county at least, we also have the right to vote early and I exercised that right last week when it was convenient for me. My vote’s already in.

As with any other muscle, if you don’t exercise it, you lose it.

There are people in office today who want to take your rights away and they’re doing everything in their power to make it impossible for your voices to be heard. The only way to fight them is with your vote.

So what are you waiting for?


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Here’s the “Making Of” video, too.

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