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November 11 (Veterans Day): Royal Guardsmen ~ Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron

Yes, I could have picked any number of songs specifically from the WWI and WWII periods, but I didn’t.

This song comes from my childhood. A fan of Peanuts since the early ’60s, my kindergarten and first grade music teacher, Miss Slocumb, played this tune when we were good in class as a reward for our behavior. My classmates and I loved it, though we really didn’t understand what real war was like.

I hope never to find out firsthand.

To all those serving now or home and retired, I say thank you and I’m sorry. You should never have had to make the sacrifice.

I’ll quaff a rootbeer in your honor and never stop hoping that war will end one day, and that we will no longer have to remember the horror.

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