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January 14: The Bangles ~ “Walk Like an Egyptian” and “Going Down To Liverpool”

I have a confession to make. Vevo is my favorite part of YouTube. It’s like staying up all night just to catch my favorite music video on MTV (back when MTV was, you know, Music Television), but without the Whitesnake and AC/DC videos in the way.

Seriously. I can find almost EVERYTHING I ever loved about the ’80s on Vev0, and you’re gonna get to watch them all year long. Twofer Tuesdays are especially cool because I don’t have to stick with the most played songs. I just have to find two that match (in whatever random way that fits, kind of like a video version of Apples to Apples.) But don’t be surprised if these disappear again off the playlist before the year is out. YouTube has a bad habit of making my favorite selections vanish into thin air.

With that in mind, here are two Bangles tunes. First one makes me smile, every time, especially when the cops are in the donut shops.

The second one? Has Leonard Nimoy. Seriously. How did I miss this the first time around? 1984 was never stranger than this. But wait, there’s more

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