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Category: 03-March

March 28: Cat vs. Toaster

And now, because I woke up at 5:30am for no good reason (alarm clock in the other, presently unoccupied bedroom went off and I got up to turn it off), I’m cranky. I intended to sleep in, woke instead obsessing because of a person’s hurtful accusation (who now claims to be too busy to deal with taking it back or apologizing). Attempting to go back to bed because I feel plain awful. Odds are excellent my f-list will be down by one when I get up again. Meanwhile, have a Cat Fail.

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March 26: Cat Jump Fail with Music: AWOLNATION ~ Sail

Okay. So today is a super serious thing but I have no (zero) control over what will actually happen sans a sudden heart attack from one of the ultracon members of the SCOTUS. Here’s a short break from holding your breath awaiting the discussion. And a reminder: No matter what they hear today, it’s going to take a while for the decision to be handed down. The best we can hope for, right now, is that the argument against Prop 8 is sufficiently supported that Kennedy, Scalia and Thomas can’t swing Roberts in favor of the conservatives.

So, while we wait, here’s Cat Fail Week.

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March 22: Complaints Choir – Florence

Complaints Choir Week continues with Florence, Italy. Notice how similar each of these choirs are, even though they’re all different countries? No matter what the language, we’re all irritated by the same things. Common ground? I think so.

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March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day): Dear Boss (Sick Note) ~ Clancy Brothers & Robbie O’Connell

I “sang” this tonight at the coffee house. See what you miss when you don’t come out? I always think of Wade in Laurel when I hear this song.

Happy Birthday to my Grandma Florence (also born this day, gone since my first year in college, in 1981). Were it not for her mother’s direct interference, she would have been Grandma Patricia. She’s the first reason why I dress up, and why I love Otterbein Chocolate Chip Cookies so very, very much.

Bonus: The Muppets ~ Danny Boy 

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March 16: “The Collector” (Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream 1981)

This is a real find, that I didn’t know about until I poked around on YouTube just a bit longer.

The Collector (the complete movie), appeared as part of One Man’s Dream (1981), a tribute to Walt Disney hosted by Michael Landon. (The short begins at about 1:55 in the overall feature.)

There is a separate fragment of this piece, with Spanish subtitles, but it’s not complete. Leonard Maltin refers to this documentary in his commentary introducing the much shorter version.

I give you the awesomely talented Mike Jittlov, the man who gives new meaning to the words “The Wearing of the Green.”

Happy Saturday.

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March 15: Animato ~ Swing Shift

It’s awesome. (The bookshelf animation early in this list reminds me of Jittlov’s work, and this piece in particular.)

Bonus: Pete & Jul3ia’s Excellent Adventure: Hollywood (with Filmmaker Mike Jittlov)

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March 14: Animato ~ Fashionation

Animato was a three-part animation sampler. It consisted of Fashionation, Swing Shift and Time Tripper (the last of which is NOT available on YouTube at the moment). Fun stuff! Spent many an hour watching the 16mm at Balticon and elsewhere. (First con: 1984) You could almost call his shorts the first viral videos. Almost.

Dunno how he’s doing. Been a LONG time since he updated his web site.

Bonus: The Mechanic of Speed and Time

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March 13: The Wizard of Speed and Time Original Short 1979

This is one of my absolute all-time favorite short films. Back when I first started going to Science Fiction conventions, this would play sometime during the weekend (along with other Mike Jittlov shorts) and I’d always make a point to see them. I have the long form, too, and it’s good, considering, but this beats it hands down.

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