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Category: 04-April

April 26: Porklips Now (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

This one is in three parts. A rare bird, not seen often (enough). In the subtle adjustment from simple HBO Short Takes to legendary (?) video parody before College Humor and Comedy Channel were a thing. #ihatejosephconrad #heartofdarknessatemysoul

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April 25: Arcade Attack

I’m pretty sure this movie inspired a short story I wrote while still in high school about the pinball machine that ate America (or something like it). Not worth reproducing here, because it’s just not worth reading again. Mixing live action with animation, because live action takes a LOT less time to film. Also? Classic video games from the beginning of time.

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April 23: Vintage HBO Intermission Special: The Bead Game (1977)

Happy Birthday YouTube!

A few more entries in the HBO Intermission Special/Short Takes before we launch into the big guys. Purely animated versions end today, though, with these. Inspired me to try animation myself, but I’m still looking for the footage (a whole 16 seconds’ worth.)

Bonus: How the Dinosaurs REALLY Died – HBO short, 1983

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April 17: Really Rosie, the movie (Music by Carole King)

This special event brought to you by the 35th anniversary of my mother’s death. I owe a great deal to a mom I barely remember. Clearly, a large chunk of the books I own (mainly poetry but also theatre), my itch for dressing up and costume, and my copies of the Nutshell Library are all thanks to my mom.

Multiple Sclerosis sucks. If you have the opportunity to give to someone walking in the MS walks or MS Challenge Walk this fall, please do. MS robbed me of my mom, a woman who almost certainly would have come with me to Costume-Cons and maybe even SF cons, if she’d been alive and well. She would have been 79 last October. I am six years older than she was when she died.

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April 16: Closed Mondays

No commentary on yesterday’s events.

I’m exploring independent film (animation or otherwise) through the end of April. In the early days of HBO, segments appeared between feature films, many of which were then relegated to animation “festivals.” Among the early adopters, Will Vinton, probably best known for the California Raisins, this is one of the creepier shorts featured. How do we view art, and what is reality, anyway?

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April 15: The Red Balloon (Le ballon rouge)

Yes, it’s Tax Day for the rest of you, but for a very select few, it’s the 3rd anniversary of the day my dad, Lew Marks, died. No matter how many years have gone or how many will go, this movie is my closest association with him.

When he taught film at Monroe High School, before School Without Walls and after, and in the days before Beta and VHS, he would borrow the projector and bring this movie, The Red Balloon (Le ballon rouge), home with him after showing it to his class. Movie night at our house was something bigger than running to the video store or clicking on a link on YouTube or Netflix.

Miss you, Dad, every day, but today especially.

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April 14: Marquese “Nonstop” Scott I Transformers Dubstep

April 14. Last day before taxes are due.

There’s tons of stuff out there still for Dubstep, but this is the last piece for now, for #365videos.

I’m hoping you’re enjoying these things I’ve found. The rest of April is a look back at other films (live or animated) that I’ve enjoyed over time, gathered together under YouTube. Buckle your seat belts. The rest of April’s gonna be an interesting stroll down memory lane, especially for anyone who remembers HBO back when it was still new.

And if you’re just coming to these, you can visit the playlists on my personal YouTube channel.

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