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Category: 05-May

May 31: ROLLIN` SAFARI – what if animals were round?

Okay, we’ve drifted from cool science to silly science-like stuff, but…but…

Just swallow first, if you haven’t already seen this a bazillion times on your feed.

(The video has changed slightly because the original link was removed by YouTube. Guessing that’s because the one I just replaced it with is the actual original. Happens all the time on YouTube. Sorry about that!)

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May 29: Walt Disney ~ The Story Of Menstruation

A friend found this on the Internet, and my mind said “Yes, this is exactly the right movie.” As in, this is what I had for sex education in 5th grade. I will never forget sitting in the gym, watching the shower scene.

It’s the sanitized version of reality, thanks to Disney’s sensibilities. The book is long gone…

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May 28: Hexaflexagons (for Craig)

If you’ve checked the blog today, I posted something earlier, but I’ve had second thoughts and I’m moving it to tomorrow.

Today’s post is in honor of Craig Levin, gone far too soon, who would really have grooved on this awesome use of MATH. I’m so sorry you missed these, Craig, though I suspect you already knew about them…


and MORE Hexaflexagons (2):

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May 21: Marina Abramović e Ulay ~ MoMA 2010

Art comes in many forms. So does emotion. This transcends both.

(In the comments are Arrisa Robinson‘s explanation of the moment caught on video:

“For the people who don’t understand:

Marina and Ulay (that man) were together in the 70’s. Pretty much a beautiful romance they had. So they broke up…and in 2010 he shows up to her performance. Now this wasn’t the first time she saw him that day. He stopped by earlier. She just didn’t know he was gonna sit down with her.

I love this video. It’s just so overwhelming. It’s like all those memories just come rushing back to her and…ugh just so much to say or describe.”)

There is a full-length movie based on this event, called “The Artist Is Present” (see Netflix Streaming, I believe).

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May 20: Oren Lavie ~ Her Morning Elegance

A week of art and science in film. YouTube is a fascinating conglomeration of the surreal, the awful and the day to day miracles in life. Some things are worth taking the time out of a busy schedule because they’re artistic or they teach you something. And sometimes they do both at the same time.

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May 17: “Weird Al” Yankovic ~ Eat It

I was in high school when I started listening to Dr. Demento. Honestly, I can’t remember whether it was My Bologna first or Another One Rides the Bus, but that’s how I got my start with “Weird Al.” So you may well imagine the whooping and hollering when I saw this for the first time.

The Original: Michael Jackson ~ Beat It

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May 12 (Mother’s Day): Toni Basil ~ Mickey (Director’s Cut)

Now here’s Mother’s Day’s wrap up of One Hit Wonders week. But wait. There’s more. In the comments. You didn’t think I’d post this one without Weird Al’s contribution, did you? And now, presenting Weird Al Week!

(Note that this is a heavily edited version. I wish it wasn’t.)

“Weird Al” Yankovic ~ Ricky

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