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December 19 (Six Days to Go): Band Aid ~ Do they Know it’s Christmas (1984)

29 years after the original video made history, this song remains an annual anthem to care for those in need. It also represents some basic assumptions about what we can do as a society to help those less fortunate than we are.

Band Aid wasn’t without its share of controversy. And the video isn’t without copyright issues, either. Annoyingly, YouTube disabled the previous track I’d selected, and it’s likely they’ll do it again when they figure out this one’s been posted, but for every clip they pull, at least one comes up to replace it, so if you try the one I included below and it fails, just search on the name and you’re sure to find it somewhere.

And the moral of that story? No matter how viral the video, someone can still come along and pull it from view. And no matter how many times YouTube disables it, someone will come along to replace the ones that go away.

And while we’re at it, here’s the short documentary that went along with the video. I have the original release on VHS.

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