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October 20: Honest Trailers – Avatar

Unobtainium?? Really? REALLY???

So, yes, I enjoyed watching the movie (principally because I never sat through Dances With Wolves and had no basis for comparison), but the Ferngully references? Totally there.

And with this last Honest Trailer we segue into the run-up to Halloween. 10 days of theme-appropriate video for your late October.

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October 19: Honest Trailers: Titanic

Seriously. No, I never saw the original. As much as fictional movies like this are about the characters placed in their events, there is nothing to replace the fact that the ship sank and I’m over it. Pretty costumes and awesome acting will not change that fact for me.

Ironically, tomorrow’s last installment of Honest Movie Trailers also features a James Cameron film (you’ll never guess which). All because I can.

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October 18: Honest Trailers – The Avengers

Okay. I loved – LOVED – The Avengers and I’ve totally bought into the series, but there’s a lot of truth in this trailer. Not that it matters, because it’s worth every moment of the movie to see The Hulk get mad.

Swallow Warning: Eat and drink at your own risk.

Happy Friday…

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October 17: Terminator – How It Should End

I swear. I did not pick this today. Weeks ago. Really.

And with this clip, we move to Honest Trailers.

From next week on till the end of October, it’s pretty much all about Halloween. I had these videos picked months ago. Miraculously, YouTube hasn’t pulled them yet.

From blockbusters to Halloween.

Thanks for sticking around this long!

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October 14: How The Wizard of Oz Should Have Ended

Just as we’ve seen the roll-out of the new Anniversary edition, here’s today’s dose of “How It Should Have Ended” (Wizard of Oz-style).

Considering where we’re headed in the next couple of days, I would expect to see a few flying monkeys and maybe an earth-shattering tornado, but I don’t think we’re going to get Glinda the Good Witch. Does this seem like fiddling while Rome burns? Hmm. Could be.

Then again, what else is YouTube for?

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October 13: How Tangled Should Have Ended

Okay, tell me you didn’t wonder about this when you saw the movie Tangled.

Yes, yes, I know. Suspension of disbelief, yadda, yadda…Whatever.

Don’t get me wrong – I *loved* the movie when I saw it, but there was that moment when I had to turn the part of my brain off that said “How is she not picking up everything in her hair?”

Anyway, I’m revisiting How It Should Have Ended this week, along with Honest Trailers (coming later) because the material’s too funny to just let lie. Want more? Go to their YouTube channel and subscribe.

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July 1: How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

So, here we go. July. The time when all the summer blockbuster movies hit the screens.

I don’t know when this first crossed my path, but the first time I saw it, I wept from laughing too hard. Fact is, speaking as a Harry Potter fan, this is just too funny not to share.

And then, surprise of surprises, as spoilerific as this one is, there are OTHERS as well. Who knew?

So here we go, with the start of How It Should Have Ended week, with my first exposure to the concept. Enjoy!