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February 27: Queen (and others) ~ Bohemian Rhapsody

Throwback Thursday isn’t just for the original clip. Sometimes, it’s for the original clip and all the things it inspires.

The original, ground-breaking Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen was released in 1975 as part of the album A Night at the Opera. Since then, it has achieved stratospheric status as the UK’s third best-selling single of all time. The work is amazing, considering the analog nature of the recording and the process of assembly. (Click the link for a detailed description of the entire studio and post-production work that went into the final project.)

As imitation is considered the sincerest form of flattery, this song has plenty to recommend it, from Wayne’s World

…through parodies (including the Muppets version) to mash-ups with Gershwin…

Freddie Mercury’s inspired combination of ballad, guitar solo, opera and hard rock has inspired these artists as well. Every one of these is a viral video. Dang, but I miss Freddie. Gone WAY too soon.

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December 20 (Five Days to Go): Christmas Flashmob – Teelin Style

“Did she really go there?”

Yes. Yes, I did.

Christmas Flashmob. With PSY’s Gangnam Style. And Irish Stepdancers. Because.

Published not quite one year ago and still fairly far from my definition of a viral video, but really? How can you lose with that kind of footwork?

Okay, so this pushes the envelope of what a musical advent calendar should be, but their hearts were in the right place and it’s the thought that counts, right?

Almost there…

What do you mean, “I haven’t seen the original yet?”

Really? Here. You’re welcome.

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November 5: Bad Romance: Women’s Suffrage


According to SOOMO VIDEO’s website, the original video was removed because of a monetizing dispute with SONY/ATV.


The link below is NOT the original. In theory, the original could come back, once the suit is settled, but that may take a while. Don’t bet on the link staying active. My apologies if you try and fail. Comment and I’ll see if I can find a suitable replacement. Sorry about that! –BMD]


We interrupt this week’s Science geekery to remind you that today is Election Day.

You might be selecting local representatives.

You might be deciding the fate of hundreds of thousands of women by choosing a governor. (I’m looking at you, Virginia.)

I won’t stop reminding you that we didn’t always have the luxury of choosing whether or not to vote.

For many of us (women, non-whites, the poor) that right was only accorded by men who eventually granted us the right we should have received by virtue of birth in this country.

In my county at least, we also have the right to vote early and I exercised that right last week when it was convenient for me. My vote’s already in.

As with any other muscle, if you don’t exercise it, you lose it.

There are people in office today who want to take your rights away and they’re doing everything in their power to make it impossible for your voices to be heard. The only way to fight them is with your vote.

So what are you waiting for?


Temporary Replacement:

Original Video:

Here’s the “Making Of” video, too.

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October 31: Oingo Boingo ~ It’s a Dead Man’s Party

Oh, but it’s so much more than just Oingo Boingo or Dead Man’s Party.

Danny Elfman’s work as composer helped make Nightmare Before Christmas the spectacular artistic effort it is. Combined with Corpse Bride, you have a mash-up of simply epic proportions.

Not the video you remember from the ’80s? There’s a reason. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love it when Elfman mugs for the camera, but the cuts between the movie Back to School (dreadful full-on ’80s teen angst flick) and Oingo Boingo in concert with animated Day of the Dead figures, makes for a much less cohesive video overall.

Happy Halloween to those who celebrate.

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October 26: Boris and Bobby do the Monster Mash

It’s no wonder I’ve always had a fondness for this single by Bobby “Boris” Pickett. It arrived on this planet 15 months before I did. I’ve never known a world without Monster Mash. Picket’s impeccable imitation of Boris Karloff makes this campy hit a perennial favorite.

The tune was far and away the most popular Halloween soundtrack for my childhood handily beating I Know An Old Woman and The Cat Came Back. Even the Purple People Eater can’t compete.

Sometime next year, as I continue to add to this archive blog, I’ll get to those other tunes of my early years, but for now let’s just enjoy this super, lipsync’d, earworm-worthy track.


July 26: Space Oddity

“A revised version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity, recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station.”

Seriously. How cool is this?!?

Unexpected Crossover Week continues…

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July 2: How Iron Man 3 Should Have Ended

Okay. So if I have to say “Spoilers here” for anything I post this week, then you are just not paying attention. Haven’t seen the movie yet? Care about spoilers? Don’t click! Go see the movie. Right. NOW.

I’lll wait.

Done? Okay, great! NOW click…

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May 12 (Mother’s Day): Toni Basil ~ Mickey (Director’s Cut)

Now here’s Mother’s Day’s wrap up of One Hit Wonders week. But wait. There’s more. In the comments. You didn’t think I’d post this one without Weird Al’s contribution, did you? And now, presenting Weird Al Week!

(Note that this is a heavily edited version. I wish it wasn’t.)

“Weird Al” Yankovic ~ Ricky

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March 2: Dylan Hears A Who ~ Too Many Daves

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

One last, fabulous Mash Up, with Dylan. Seriously.

It has occurred to me over the years that we should drop a copy of The Sneetches in every household in America. or Horton Hears a Who. Either would be fine with me. Just so long as the parents read it, too.

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March 1: The Avengers/Breakfast Club Trailer Mashup

This is genius. Absolutely. Enjoy, as Mash Up Week comes to a close.

Tomorrow is Read Across America day, in honor of Dr. Seuss. I’ve got something special, as likely to go away due to humorless copyright violation as anything else (not mine, of course). Sunday begins Literal Video Week. Because I can.

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February 27: Watchmen & WALL-E Mashup Trailer

Mashup week continues…with real Mashups!

In other news, got the first three grades back from my art class: 90, 97 and 92. I’ll take it! Test today might not be so good, though. And test on Friday for Western Civ could be good and could be a disaster.

Also got my Financial Aid form filed. Looking for two written recommendations for a scholarship provided by my state senator. Anyone game to recommend me the old fashioned way (before, you know, LinkedIn)?

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February 11: Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper, Weird Al ~ Come Together

Another year to hate Valentine’s Day hype. And for really feeling the Monday love. Plans to meet friends failed in a domino effect that took me out all day. Two out of three deadlines met, last one involves postcard purchase and subsequent mailing.

So, in the spirit of today’s events, and Mash-up week, I give you a colossal coming together, followed by something particularly appropriate for today’s current events.

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