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March 4: “Let It Go” one more time (post-Oscars)

Yeah, I know. You’re probably sick of the song now. I’ll try to make this the last time (for now). But I couldn’t contain myself when Adele Dazeem…ahem…Idina Menzel herself sang on Sunday night’s Academy Awards show. (Made me wonder whether it was just a simple mistake, an amazing parody of herself, or a brilliant marketing move for the producers of If/Then.)

But I digress…

I mentioned earlier that there are in excess of 213k in parody or tribute links to the song Let It Go on YouTube. I’ll give it a rest after this, but you need to see these, just because.

First, the current Broadway cast of Avenue Q congratulate their co-creator, Robert Lopez, who co-wrote the song with his wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez:

Then, there’s Alex Boyé stellar Africanized Tribal cover of the song, with the ) Ft. One Voice Children’s Choir. Holy cow, can that kid sing!

Finally? What you’re all probably thinking. And if you haven’t swallowed yet, do yourself a favor: Put the coffee down.

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February 28: Three “Let It Go” Parodies (out of many)

Yesterday’s parodies of Bohemian Rhapsody have inspired me to post the reason why I think Frozen will take at least one Oscar come Sunday. Let’s face it – there are few songs from movies that achieve such lofty status in such a short period of time. The Disney movie hit screens on November 27, 2013. Since then, there have been (as of this writing) some 213,000 parodies of the song Let It Go, written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, performed by Idina Menzel. If that’s not a guarantee of success for Original Song, I don’t know what is.

I already mentioned Let It Go once, but once clearly wasn’t enough. I guess I can’t let it go. And, as I said yesterday, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Here are three parodies for your Feel Good Friday pleasure:

First, there’s the tip of the hat to Batman’s Mr. Freeze. (Vocals not ideal, but then I don’t think of “Ahnold” as a particularly musical actor.)

Then there’s the literal version, which ought to get a lot more exposure than it has, because it is, in fact, awesome. High notes and all.

And finally, Cincinnati WKRC Traffic Man Bob Herzog’s exquisitely performed Traffic Man parody, which leads to the inevitable “I wish winter would end” feeling I’ve got, knowing there’s yet another winter storm on the way.

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February 27: Queen (and others) ~ Bohemian Rhapsody

Throwback Thursday isn’t just for the original clip. Sometimes, it’s for the original clip and all the things it inspires.

The original, ground-breaking Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen was released in 1975 as part of the album A Night at the Opera. Since then, it has achieved stratospheric status as the UK’s third best-selling single of all time. The work is amazing, considering the analog nature of the recording and the process of assembly. (Click the link for a detailed description of the entire studio and post-production work that went into the final project.)

As imitation is considered the sincerest form of flattery, this song has plenty to recommend it, from Wayne’s World

…through parodies (including the Muppets version) to mash-ups with Gershwin…

Freddie Mercury’s inspired combination of ballad, guitar solo, opera and hard rock has inspired these artists as well. Every one of these is a viral video. Dang, but I miss Freddie. Gone WAY too soon.

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February 25: Doctor Who ~ “Take On Me” and Classic Comic Relief: “Lauren Cooper and Doctor Who clash in class”

This brilliant music video tribute to the Doctor in all his forms is a fabulous mash-up of a-ha’s “Take On Me” video and clips in the style of the video taken from the series. I’ve been holding on to these for a while, so here’s your Twofer plus bonus tracks for today.

For reference, here’s the original video, by a-ha. You can really see how the style translates in color:

But wait! There’s more!

And I’m warning you now – swallow before you watch either of these. Yeah, they’re long, but the payoff is SOOO worth it.

There’s too many ways I could tag this. Leaving off at 12…

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January 31: Eric and the Dread Gazebo / Geek and Gamer Girls Song

Did you know Dungeons & Dragons turned 40 this year? Do you know how I know it? Because back when the world was new, before the dark ships came, I played AD&D. (That’s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, for the uninitiated.)

That’s not how I heard about The Gazebo, though. I heard the story when I started playing an RPG (that’s Role Play Game) several years ago. The Dread Gazebo came up in conversation and folks retold the story as if sharing a modern Mystery Play.

But until a friend posted a link to this audio (yes, sometimes YouTube is audio-only, but it’s SOOOO worth the listen), I had no idea anyone had dramatized the story. So now I’m sharing. And this is your spit-take warning because it’s possibly the silliest story you’ll hear all day, if not all week.

So why did I know about this? Because Geek and Gamer Girls are EVERYWHERE!

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January 24: Frozen (Idina Menzel) ~ Let It Go (Three versions)

If you’re paying attention to the news, you know the northeast is in a cold snap the likes of which we haven’t seen in 20 years. Don’t go all “Global Warming, huh?” on me, because I’ll quote you all sorts of reasons why climate change is real. And that’s not the point of this post.

No, you’re getting Let It Go for Feel Good Friday this week, because it’s stuck firmly in my head, thanks to the supreme talents of Idina Menzel and song writing team Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Tony Award®-winner Robert Lopez.

Seriously. 52 million views since Disney published the clip on December 6, 2013!

But why three? Well, I could have chosen more – folks are posting their own renditions of the song, mash-ups with Wicked (Defying Gravity chief among them), and more. It appears this one struck a chord in ways I haven’t seen since Beauty and the Beast hit the screens in 1991.

So, here’s the original:

And then the same clip, in 25 languages (perfectly timed):

And finally, in the best Disney parody I’ve heard in a while, [NOT safe for work or younger kids but oh, so funny], a tip of the hat to all of us who wish with all our hearts we *could* hit those high notes the way Ms. Menzel does:

Stay warm out there!

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January 21: Kate Bush and Noel Fielding ~ “Wuthering Heights”

Okay, so technically this isn’t a Twofer Tuesday in the traditional (?) sense, but it’s my blog and I can do what I want.

Back when Saturday Night Live was a new thing, they featured Kate Bush doing both Wuthering Heights and another song from The Kick Inside. The first version is the one I remember from that introduction to her music. (I have all her albums and I’ve snagged more of her videos for featuring this year.)

So when someone started circulating the parody Noel Fielding did for Comic Relief, I was surprised to discover the second version of the music video was also on YouTube, and darned if he wasn’t dead-on accurate.

Here’s Kate’s version (Number Two):

And here’s Noel’s. I’d put the coffee mug down if I were you:

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November 27: Hilarious Muppets Bloopers! and Macy’s Thanksgiving parade

Back in 2008, a phenomenon took over the Internet. Since then, the interest has ebbed, but I think it’s noteworthy that over 8.5 million people have seen this video, the direct result of a craze that started with Rick Astley’s 1987 hit “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

I caught it again while I was looking through Muppet videos  to post when I highlighted them for a whole week, a while back. Yeah. The original video’s audio has been replaced. If you’ve never been Rickrolled before, now you can check that dubious experience off your bucket list.

But here’s the king of them all, which I watched five years ago, live, during The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Rickroll, uploaded on the 27th (five years ago today). I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to die. Muppets AND Rickrolling, all in one tidy package.

You’re welcome.

And now you know the the rest of the story.

(With apologies to Paul Harvey.)

Happy Chanukah and Pre-Thanksgiving!

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November 5: Bad Romance: Women’s Suffrage


According to SOOMO VIDEO’s website, the original video was removed because of a monetizing dispute with SONY/ATV.


The link below is NOT the original. In theory, the original could come back, once the suit is settled, but that may take a while. Don’t bet on the link staying active. My apologies if you try and fail. Comment and I’ll see if I can find a suitable replacement. Sorry about that! –BMD]


We interrupt this week’s Science geekery to remind you that today is Election Day.

You might be selecting local representatives.

You might be deciding the fate of hundreds of thousands of women by choosing a governor. (I’m looking at you, Virginia.)

I won’t stop reminding you that we didn’t always have the luxury of choosing whether or not to vote.

For many of us (women, non-whites, the poor) that right was only accorded by men who eventually granted us the right we should have received by virtue of birth in this country.

In my county at least, we also have the right to vote early and I exercised that right last week when it was convenient for me. My vote’s already in.

As with any other muscle, if you don’t exercise it, you lose it.

There are people in office today who want to take your rights away and they’re doing everything in their power to make it impossible for your voices to be heard. The only way to fight them is with your vote.

So what are you waiting for?


Temporary Replacement:

Original Video:

Here’s the “Making Of” video, too.

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October 27: Dumb Ways to Die (times four)

It’s not my fault.


It started innocently enough, when a young friend of mine suggested I *had* to watch this awesome clip. Yes, yes, I know. That’s how it always starts.

First one’s free and all that.

Obviously, it had to go with the Halloween Count-down, but when I went to find the link to add to my list, curse YouTube for including all those “related video” suggestions, because I would never have found the others. Well, except for the last, because the same young friend pointed it out to me as awesome. And you know what? It is!

Besides, now that you’ve got the earworm, you know where to go to get rid of it again.

You’re welcome. It was nothing. Really.


And because it *is* all about movies, after all…

Or maybe Minecraft…

And this is the one said young friend thought was so very awesome. Frankly, I agree.

Four more days left…

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October 20: Honest Trailers – Avatar

Unobtainium?? Really? REALLY???

So, yes, I enjoyed watching the movie (principally because I never sat through Dances With Wolves and had no basis for comparison), but the Ferngully references? Totally there.

And with this last Honest Trailer we segue into the run-up to Halloween. 10 days of theme-appropriate video for your late October.

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October 19: Honest Trailers: Titanic

Seriously. No, I never saw the original. As much as fictional movies like this are about the characters placed in their events, there is nothing to replace the fact that the ship sank and I’m over it. Pretty costumes and awesome acting will not change that fact for me.

Ironically, tomorrow’s last installment of Honest Movie Trailers also features a James Cameron film (you’ll never guess which). All because I can.

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October 17: Terminator – How It Should End

I swear. I did not pick this today. Weeks ago. Really.

And with this clip, we move to Honest Trailers.

From next week on till the end of October, it’s pretty much all about Halloween. I had these videos picked months ago. Miraculously, YouTube hasn’t pulled them yet.

From blockbusters to Halloween.

Thanks for sticking around this long!

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August 29: Carol Burnett Show – Star Trek Parody

This is from the short lived 1991 comeback after the original series ended, and if you missed it then, you’ve got good reason to be surprised that you didn’t see it. The clip circulated around Facebook for a bit, which is how I found it.

If you haven’t seen this yet, time to swallow the drink, sit back, and enjoy scenery-chewing where no scenery-chewing has gone before. Or since.

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August 25: Carol Burnett Show ~ Norma Desmond: The Eulogy

Well, dang.

Carol Burnett has an official YouTube channel, and a lot of the older clips I highlighted are gone. “Simba” is one of them. First airing November 23, 1974, in the eighth season, this spoof of the movie Born Free is representative of the lengths Tim Conway had to go (not far, really) to crack up his co-stars.

You’ll have to live with Norma Desmond instead. I think you’ll survive, if you don’t crack a rib laughing.

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August 1: “Weird Al” Yankovic ~ Another One Rides The Bus (Parody of “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen)

I mentioned way back during “Weird Al” Week that I would eventually get back to how I found out about “Weird Al” in the first place. And here we are.

I no longer remember whether it was this or “My Bologna” that did it, but it no longer matters. The rest, as they say, is history.

Dr. Demento Week continues with this earworm-worthy take on Queen.

But wait! There’s more!

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