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February 4: The Eagles ~ “Dirty Laundry” and “Hotel California”

Seems like this is the right combination for this week’s Twofer Tuesday, given Sunday’s horrific, surreal news of Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s death.

Today is Facebook’s 10th birthday. It’s also the day the Electoral College declared unanimously that George Washington was President of the newly formed United States of America.

Four major earthquakes occurred, 46 out of 47 Ronin committed seppuku, the SLO kidnapped Patty Hearst and in Montgomery, Alabama, the Confederate States of America were formed.

Jonathan Larson was born today. So were Alice Cooper, Rosa Parks and Charles Lindbergh. One of them is still alive.

Karen Carpenter and Liberace died on the 4th. So did Ossie Davis.

These things are not related.

The second could conceivably be the best science fiction ever incorporated into a rock anthem, or the sad sorry fate of every player out there on the edge of sanity.

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January 30: Apple Macintosh Ad – Aired during the 1984 Super Bowl

In a few days a large percentage of the US will plop down in front of their televisions and watch either a game involving an odd-shaped ball that gets tossed between two teams or every single commercial that comes between tossing and running after said ball.

When did commercials during the Super Bowl become a thing? Well, Wikipedia has an answer for that.

Ironically, until I went to find the answer to my question, I didn’t know there was a link to the description of the very short clip below. But there it is.

I know where I’ll be this coming Sunday. Where will you be? Watching the Super Bowl or the commercials?

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January 14: The Bangles ~ “Walk Like an Egyptian” and “Going Down To Liverpool”

I have a confession to make. Vevo is my favorite part of YouTube. It’s like staying up all night just to catch my favorite music video on MTV (back when MTV was, you know, Music Television), but without the Whitesnake and AC/DC videos in the way.

Seriously. I can find almost EVERYTHING I ever loved about the ’80s on Vev0, and you’re gonna get to watch them all year long. Twofer Tuesdays are especially cool because I don’t have to stick with the most played songs. I just have to find two that match (in whatever random way that fits, kind of like a video version of Apples to Apples.) But don’t be surprised if these disappear again off the playlist before the year is out. YouTube has a bad habit of making my favorite selections vanish into thin air.

With that in mind, here are two Bangles tunes. First one makes me smile, every time, especially when the cops are in the donut shops.

The second one? Has Leonard Nimoy. Seriously. How did I miss this the first time around? 1984 was never stranger than this. But wait, there’s more

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November 22: Novis Nerdfest – Sci-Fi Medley

There are other things to remember about the 22nd of November. The 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination is chief among them. But in the middle of the ongoing conspiracy theories and cute photos of cats, a full third of my friends’ walls are filled with posts shouting from the virtual treetops about the Dr. Who special that’s airing on the 23rd (and in select movie theaters around the country).

So, I’m switching up from dance to Science (Fiction) ahead of the pack. Enjoy the a capella geekery and try to consider what this world might be with a lot less hate and greed and a lot more willingness to see science for the awesome and amazing craft it is.

Starting tomorrow, leading up to the coming week’s activities, we take a visit to Vi Hart’s view of math.

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Don’t hate me for the earworm I’m gifting you.

Watch Max Headroom get down with his bad self.


You don’t know who Max Headroom is?


Max Headroom – 20 Minutes Into the Future (the original, much better, Brit movie). Wish I could embed it, but it’s disabled on YouTube.

No, don’t thank me. It’s nothing.

Official version:

Extended version: (Ephemeral – might disappear again!)

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October 5: Trials And Tribble-ations Uniting Two Legends

After highlighting clips from the Deep Space Nine episode Trials and Tribble-ations, which in turn pays tribute to David Gerrold’s The Trouble with Tribbles. The cast of DS9 talks about the work that went into the special episode, celebrating Star Trek’s 30th anniversary.

In today’s world, it seems trivial to pop people into scenes where they didn’t originally belong. Without the efforts of Woody Allen (Zelig, 1983) who did the work with bluescreen technology and Robert Zemeckis and Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) (Forrest Gump, 1994) I wonder whether the tribute would have been possible.

Even more remarkable: How many TV shows can you recall that were canceled after a three-season run, but had such an impact on our world that they would be resurrected four times, with multiple movies, and might receive such a tribute 30 years later? Again – what is it about Star Trek that keeps its fans moving forward?

Firefly might one day have such a following, but I doubt it. The same with Babylon 5 and Farscape (sad to say).

In any case, this episode remains one of my absolute favorites in nearly 50 years of television-watching experience; a stunning example of how the visual medium works to make the impossible possible.

And the link below does NOT go to YouTube, because the original videos are gone. Paramount has gotten evil about Star Trek clips, flying in the face of Star Trek fans everywhere. Can’t guarantee this will remain, but it’s here…for now. If you want to see the whole documentary, buy the complete DS9 set, I guess.

Making of Star Trek DS9 “Trials and Tribble… by limpshave

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October 4: Tribbles Kirk Bonked by Tribbles HD

One more side-by-side comparison, because I can. Behold the power of YouTube. Thanks, Gary, for the work – these videos are amazing and show a dedication to continuity you don’t often see today.

Tomorrow we wrap up with a featurette on the making of this landmark Star Trek episode.

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October 1: Tribbles Bridge Scene Comparison HD

Considering how closely I’m following David Gerrold on Facebook right now (he’s writing what I’m thinking about politics), this seems totally appropriate.

We’re at the start of the new month. We’re also at a crossroads with our society. What worked about Star Trek, and what kept the fans coming back long after the original series was canceled, was the absolute optimism expressed in Gene Roddenberry’s groundbreaking series.

I’d love to think we can’t get any lower down in our current political situation. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that someday we might again reach for the stars? Imagine how much we could accomplish with people who are clothed, fed, educated and encouraged to explore, rather than being beaten down over time, struggling to cover expenses or even stay in their homes because a greedy few can’t be bothered to care.

The US Government has shut down for the first time since 1996. Perhaps this time we’ll learn something.

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August 22: Doctor Who: 45 Years and Beyond Widescreen

Moving on from video games to…Dr. Who? Well, yes. Because that’s how I roll.

This isn’t viral (probably won’t ever be – doesn’t have the snap of a real viral video – but it’s fun to watch.

They make some fascinating connections between each Doctor. Back in the late ’80s, I took part in a fan-shot Dr. Who commercial for our local PBS station. Fan video has been around since forever, I think.

The music is styled like the official music because the BBC has fits if you use the real thing.

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July 27: PBS: The Movie (PBS Meets The Avengers)

Another Spit-Take warning from your friendly neighborhood video pusher. How to give PBS that extra edge? Pull out the super powers, that’s how.

Unexpected Crossover Week comes to an end tomorrow with a cross between superheroes and seriously bad puns, leading to…well…that would ruin the surprise, wouldn’t it?

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July 24: Brokeback Babylon

As the original poster says, “Is there really any need to explain?…”

Again with the fair warning – swallow first or don’t blame me later.

Unexpected Crossover Week continues…

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June 5: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers ~ You Got Lucky

Continuing with the Science Fiction theme for a bit longer. I just love the Mad Max feel of this piece. Bet they had a blast filming it, except for the dust. Of course, the video doesn’t have much to do with the music, but that’s okay. Except for Mike Campbell’s guitar solo, because that’s music gold.

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