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Holy cow! What happened to July?

Well, first, I moved around the corner to a new apartment. Then I went away and camped with about 10,000 of my closest friends (no, not really) at the Pennsic War. And, just before I left, my computer’s power supply decided it had had enough.

Needless to say, I’m behind in my posts.

I’m debating: Maintain the one-post-per-day posting schedule or combine the posts into weeks until I’ve caught back up? That’s approximately 28 posts, to make the catch-up process work.

If you have strong opinions (and who doesn’t?) about which way I should go, let me know by the end of today (Wednesday, August 7) and I’ll decide which way to play catch-up. Frankly, I think taking the longer route and posting one a day seems the right and proper way to go, but let’s hear from the peanut gallery first.

Thanks for your patience. Almost back!

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