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August 4: Dana Lyons ~ Cows With Guns – The Original Animation

Okay, so you got me. This is not technically a Dr. Demento song, but it sure fits the demographic. And my taste.

I first heard it performed by a group I hold near and dear to my heart, during a concert more than a few Thanksgivings ago. I have the book that goes with it, as well.

There’s something about “Bovine Justice” that makes me extra happy about Cows With Guns. Perhaps it’s the bad cow puns?

At any rate, Dr. Demento Week comes to a close and Wacky Animal Week begins with this lovely animation. Enjoy!

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August 3: Dr Demento’s Number One Demented Video – Barnes and Barnes ~ Fish Heads

After Lost In Space but before Babylon 5, there was Barnes and Barnes. Demented? You betcha. There isn’t another earworm as nasty as this one, so be thankful I’ve given you the cure. Dr. Demento Week comes to an end tomorrow with a crossover. (If he hasn’t been playing it, I can’t imagine WHY!)

And you’d better swallow the drink for this one, considering the VJ for this VH1 One-Hit Wonder countdown:

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August 1: “Weird Al” Yankovic ~ Another One Rides The Bus (Parody of “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen)

I mentioned way back during “Weird Al” Week that I would eventually get back to how I found out about “Weird Al” in the first place. And here we are.

I no longer remember whether it was this or “My Bologna” that did it, but it no longer matters. The rest, as they say, is history.

Dr. Demento Week continues with this earworm-worthy take on Queen.

But wait! There’s more!

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July 31: Napoleon XIV ~ They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!

Although the radio aspect of Dr. Demento’s career is done (broadcast syndication of the show ended on June 6, 2010 according to Wikipedia), you can still find him online here:

Fortunately, I have the complete vinyl set (the CD leaves pieces out) and vinyl – digital transfer equipment, so eventually I’ll have all my favorite wacky pieces available whenever I want them.

Dr. Demento Week continues with Napoleon XIV


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July 30: Tom “T-Bone” Stankus ~ Existential Blues

More history…

When I was a kid, my favorite radio station was the now-defunct WAXC — AM classic Top 40 radio at its finest. When the station switched format to all religion all the time, I moved to WCMF (classic rock), but it was never quite the same, except…

Dr. Demento played late night on the Westwood One Radio Network.

First time I heard it, I was hooked. 1978, in my first year of high school, I was prime audience material for the show, and I stuck with it all the way till I got to my second year in college, when I shipped off to New Paltz and had to leave the good Dr. behind.

But not before “Poppies, poppies, poppies…” became firmly embedded in my grey matter.

Dr. Demento Week continues…

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July 29: Kip Addotta ~ Wet Dream and Life in the Slaw Lane

And so we begin Dr. Demento Week. Not with “Weird Al” (though he will show up sometime later this week, he was only part of the overall Dr. D. experience), but with Kip Addotta, and two of my all-time favorite pun-filled pieces.

In 1986, when I moved to the DC area, I also attended my first World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon), in Atlanta, GA. A group of us drove to and from the con in convoy mode, with (I think) two CB radios for easy communication. One of us ran in front of the four-vehicle convoy, and the other brought up the rear.

The two radios (as I recall) belonged to me and my friend Marty Gear, who died suddenly a few weeks ago. Vampire and White Rabbit, Tan Van, and the fourth car, which I’ve since forgotten, were on the road some 14 hours straight from one point to the other.

On the way home, punchy from general lack of sleep and the late night, I recall engaging in (if not instigating) a fish-based pun war, thanks in part to Addotta’s work. I’ve since forgotten most of the events of that con, but not the drive home.

I have no idea how many truckers or other drivers were involved, but I do know it expanded well beyond our two radios. Kept us going for at least an hour on the road.

But enough for now. On with the show…


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